Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tobin & Sharon

A friend of ours who works with Chuck (and has for years) lost his wife about two years ago. She was in her 40's and they had two teenagers (a boy and a girl). It was tragic and very sad, and we all felt so horrible that Tobin had become a widower. About a year later, Tobin's son and his son's best friend decided to hook up their parents. Tobin's son introduced Tobin to his best friend's mom, Sharon. It didn't take them long to fall in love. They are a beautiful couple and we were honored to attend a dinner with their close family and friends at which Tobin proposed to Sharon. It was beautiful. We were also blessed to attend their wedding a couple weeks ago, at which they became a family. Tobin and his two and Sharon and her four (the best friend, a daughter, and twin girls).
My friend Nell (Cowtown Camera Girl) took the pictures, and they turned out great! She has posted some on her blog. It is inspiring to see the joy in Tobin's eyes after having lived a difficult history. I'm so glad they found happiness and love in one another. We should all remember what a blessing it is each and every day to wake up and love life and the people in our lives. Cheers to Tobin and Sharon!

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