Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another sign I'm old

I can't remember if it was my brother Tom or my sister Joan who pointed out to me the words in Britney Spears' single "If U Seek Amy" but I have to say I was shocked at what he/she told me. (I'll assume it was Joan). Of course, I've heard the song all along, but I guess I'd never really listened to the lyrics. The whole song (except the chorus) is about looking for a girl named Amy (presumably at a party), but the chorus is "Love me, hate me / Say what you want about me / But all the boys and all the girls are beggin' to/ If you seek Amy" My sister had to repeat it to me when I didn't get it at first and then I repeated it over and over in shock. It doesn't even make sense if you read it as legitimately saying "if you seek Amy". For those of you who are as slow as I am, if you say "if you seek Amy" quickly it sounds like spelling "F-*-C-K me".

If = F
U = U
See = C
kA = K
my = me

Am I so old that I'm seriously appalled by the words? No. I am just appalled that they would try to be so subversive about it. Why bother? I mean, in the 90's they came out with "I wanna f*ck you like an animal." That's certainly got to be worse, but then again, there was nothing subversive about the song and the audience was not intended to be 13 year old girls. So, I guess, for now, I'm just a shocked middle-aged woman. How sad. Here's a link so you can hear it for yourself.

Am I the only one that's too dense to have put this together?


Joan said...

Must have been your brother, Thomas. This is the first I've heard of this. Maybe Amy had heard this but I missed this conversation and I'm as old as you are to be appalled by the subversive wording. I did tell you about the FMLYHM song by Seether, that title had Amy and I confused until we read the lyrics. "F*ck me like you hate me" and then we knew why the "clean version" of the album had that title as an acronym. And it was sung ""K me like you hate me."

lisawitt said...

um, no. cause i have never even heard of the song. that's how out of the loop i am!!

Theresa said...

no, lisa, I bet you have heard it. Go to the link and listen.

Roxy said...

It was either Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly who talked about it when it came out, so I heard it there first. It is terrible...

Stacey said...

I have never heard that song before. Neither has Aaron, but he enjoyed telling me how "un-hip" I am in my old age, ha. I am older than him by a couple years and he never lets me forget it.