Thursday, March 18, 2010


"I love beer!"

"How do you open this damn thing?!"

Chillin' with the Irish tunes and Irish lady.

Green beer and green milk.
The kids were amazed!
They asked how I did that and I told them I called a
Leprechaun and he made all the drinks green.
They totally bought it.


College 2022
(My favorite picture EVER!)

That girl is precious!

All for the love of Saint Patrick!


Mom said...

Love the pictures.

Susan said...

those are the cutest pictures ever! you are so clever, i will have to steal your green milk idea for next year! cheers and happy march madness! :-)

lisawitt said...

HAHAHAHA, I LOVE the 2022 pic, too funny! I agree. Stealing that green milk idea for next year! ;-)