Thursday, March 4, 2010

What we've been doing.

It's a bit of a picture post today because I we have been busy lately, and I haven't had a chance to really get some good posts in regarding what we've been doing.

Last Friday was Lindsey's birthday. She's officially 20 and no longer a teenager! We took her out to experience hibachi. She really liked it and despite the fact that she dislikes seafood, she tried some of the hibachi shrimp. I was quite proud of her and she even said it wasn't bad. Although she only had two bites and will not be adding shrimp to her list of things to eat. She actually had chicken and fried rice for her entree. It was delish!

When this guy was making the fried rice he had five eggs that he tossed up in the air and then he cracked them very artfully with lots of flair. When he did it, he looked at the kids, pointed to the eggs and said, "Baby chicken." Then he tossed the egg up in the air and cracked it. It sizzled on the hibachi grill and then he looked at the kids and said, "Dead baby chicken." My eyes got wide and I started to laugh with a hysterical-I-can't-believe-he-said-that laugh. I looked at Chuck. The guy cracked another egg. It sizzled. He said, "Baby chicken. That one a boy." He cracked another one. It sizzled. "That one a girl." I looked at the kids to see if they were traumatized. I couldn't believe it. The kids were fine, but in the end, he had identified all the dead baby chickens, diced up and scrambled the eggs and said, "All dead baby chickens." He moved on after that while Chuck, Lindsey and I were wide eyed and half holding our breath and half chuckling.

The bowl with a handle on it was jokingly called a "Japanese Microwave". Lindsey thought that was funny.

This is my plate.
But, this is the type of shrimp Lindsey tried.

We had cake at home and gave her some gifts as little tokens of our affection. It was really pretty anticlimactic since she didn't want a party. You know we're ready to embrace any excuse to have a party. Oh well. Instead, per her family's suggestion, we all gathered together Saturday morning to watch the England v. Ireland rugby match in the Six Nations tournament (or something like that). We all dressed in our Irish gear (mostly stuff we purchased for St. Patrick's Day). I made French Toast Casserole (yum) and had some shamrock cookies out. Plus, I had coffee with Irish Cream. It was pretty fun to watch, although we were constantly asking Lindsey what the rules were. Ireland won, by the way.

That evening we had dinner at Mr. & Mrs. Chesapeake's house while the kids played amongst themselves. It was really a lovely weekend. (Sadly, Lindsey didn't get to eat at their house because everything had cheese in it except the salad I made. That poor girl had to have been starving!)

And here are some pictures from Luke's first Spring soccer practice. We are in full swing. I spent my time chasing this little one and watching Evie on the playground while Luke practiced. He's totally in love with soccer now. Thank heaven we don't have any more of those soccer practices filled with crying. Anyhow, all the pics are of G and E chillin' in the play area. That G is tough to keep up with.

And now and update on the puppies. They're getting more comfortable with our house. We're still working on house training the puppy. That girl is growing big. At least you can see from these pictures that they are a bit more comfortable with each other, even if they are still very protective of their food.


And look who loves Lola.


The Potters said...

OMG I love the puppies cuddling! (Of course I love the picture of the kids too, but who can resist those puppies?!)

Joan said...

Looks like you have been very busy! It never stops, does it?
At least the pets keep the stress level down.

Theresa said...

Yes, those puppies sure can be cute, but they can also be real shits.

lisawitt said...

aww, the puppies are SO cute cuddling together!! and of course your kids are too ;-)