Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Luke

Luke climbed on my lap last night at the dinner table (after dinner, of course). He looked up at me as I took a sip of my wine and asked, "Why are you going to get very old? I almost spit out my wine.

In an unrelated conversation this morning, as I was pulling my hair into a ponytail (which is considered by some to be a faux pas at work), he asked me "Mom, do you like Bumpits?"

Me, "Uh, I guess so. They're okay."

Luke, "You should use Bumpits." He proceeded to explain how Bumpits work. "You comb your hair at the top. Then you put this thing in the top of your head. Then you put your hair over it."

Me, "Hmm. Maybe. Do you think it makes hair look pretty?"

Luke, "Oh, yes."

If you didn't already know, Luke is obsessed with products that are sold on TV and constantly wants us to buy things like MoonSand, Smooth Away, and the Touch N Brush. Now we can add Bumpits to Luke's list of infomercial desires.

I've considered just having an infomercial themed birthday party for him. Do you think I could convince everyone to bring him gifts that are labeled "As Seen on TV"?


Mary said...

I love that - great idea for a birthday party! Would there actually be anything HE could use though?

Theresa said...

Of course. There's bendaroos, moon sand, and tons of other toys.

Mary said...

Cool! Alexa used to be addicted to Infomercials as well. She asked Santa for Moon Sand one year and he delivered. After she played with it, she told me it wasn't any good and she wanted the real stuff off TV. She said that the Moon Sand the elves made was inferior.

Joan said...

What is 'very old'? Grandma or Aunt Joan?
And watch TV on Saturday morning or anytime on NickToons and you see all kinds of crap for kids to bug their parents to buy.

ashley1996 said...

You should take him to the AS SEEN ON TV STORE! We would love to come to his birthday party. We have a snuggie from the ASOTS!