Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WW Update


It's time for me to fess up. I gained .6 last week. So, I'm only down a total of 3.2. I totally bitched about it at my meeting today and, of course, the leader was very supportive.

The worst part of my week (and I've been bitching about it since) was last Thursday when Chuck and I went out to eat. The menu was steak. We both chose the petite filet. I ordered a baked potato with everything on the side and grilled vegetables. Chuck just got grilled vegetables. I put only a teaspoon of butter and salt and pepper on the potato. We didn't touch the bread basket. We both had salad with very little dressing. No dessert - Chuck had a cup of berries.

I got home and calculated the points in my filet and it was . . .

14.5 POINTS!

I only get 21 points. I was pissed! Anyway, that's that. That week is over and I'm moving onto this week. I'm going to try to work out a few times this week - the missing key to my weight loss I think (aside from giving up alcohol - don't even mention it to me).

There's the full update on my damn weight loss endeavor. Pretty sucky, but I'm going to stick with it, particularly since Chuck keeps taunting me by saying things like, "Are you going to give up now?" Uh, no.


Jess said...

Don't give up!

Mom said...

Hang in there. Sometimes it is frustrating, but keep up the hard work.

The Potters said...

This is so frustrating for me too! Not even P90x and eating somewhat well (which is way better than I was eating) is moving my scale! Ugh. Maybe it's because we're in our 30s??! Boo.

Keep up the good work, T.