Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update on the Kids: Not overly exciting

So, here's a little update on the kids. A lot of you read my concerns about the kids and their educational progress. We've adopted some subtle changes in our lives to help them out. Luke's attention span is getting better. He's really working hard on concentrating and finishing his work in class. Since the last debacle where he was required to finish a huge stack of work at home (which took almost a week of evenings to complete), he has only had one or two other things sent home. He even told me that he is getting used to concentrating. That was a relief to me. And he received a report card last night that indicated that the concentration is at least improved from where we were a few weeks ago.

At Luke's school the report card has three options: Developed ("D"), Still Developing ("S"), and Area of Concern ("C"). Luke is apparently still developing his ability to follow directions consistently, complete tasks, and work independently. However, he is Developed with regard to his ability to talk at the appropriate time, which was a great thing in my mind, because he never seems to speak at an appropriate time at home. So, things are better but not perfect. We'll keep working.

As for Evie, she is still enjoying school and we are doing our best to incorporate letters into each day. She can identify more letters these days and tell us words that start with certain letters. There's still a lag, but at least we're working on it. While we were at the lake, she was sitting at the dining room table eating some goldfish on her own while the adults were talking. She called to me in the middle of a conversation and pointed to the table. She said, "Mom! I made an 'E'!" And she had! Perfectly! All by herself, she made a capital E out of goldfish on the table. I was thrilled and proud. It was a great thing to see her embracing her education.

We are still going to have her tested. We met with the doctor at the Child Study Center last week to describe our concerns and inform her of Evie's history. The doctor seemed not particularly concerned, but agreed that it is better for us to have her tested and then we will know for sure where she is and the best ways to teach Evie. Evie will be tested the week after next and then we will get the results two to three weeks after that. I'll let y'all know.

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Mom said...

Thank you for the update. I am sure there were others beside me wanting to know how things were working.