Monday, July 28, 2008

Alcohol While Pregnant: Part 2

I heartily agree with all the posts. I guess it is alright if we are all among friends. It's funny, I usually abstain when I'm in public, but lately my friends and acquaintances have been quick to say, "I thought you could have a drink every once in a while?" Cracks me up. Nonetheless, I abstain and only indulge now and then at home or at a close friend's house. This weekend I had a couple of margaritas out of a pitcher of margaritas that had only a teaspoon of tequila mixed into the entire pitcher - so I was only getting a smidgen of the taste, but very little alcohol so it didn't even come close to the alcohol contents of a glass of wine. Funny, I felt more guilty drinking it because it was liquor even though it has lower alcohol content overall since I'm drinking way, way less. I really crave margaritas when I'm pregnant, and luckily, I can enjoy some really good fake stuff. I tried this new stuff called "Bone Daddy's" and it is quite tasty - not overly sweet like most mixes.

Lisa, I went through the same thing with wine with the last two and even with this one. I still have a glass now and then (and I LOVE WINE), but it doesn't always taste good. It took me a while to enjoy it as much as I used to even after the babies were born. I've noticed my taste buds are really off these days. (Sadly, I still love Cheetos.) Anyway, I would rather have a glass of white wine when I'm pregnant over red wine and the fake wine is really just crap so there's no use in even touching it. I would definitely save up like Roxy if I could visit Gil every week. Oh, also I read somewhere that french obgyns prescribe a glass of red wine a week to pregnant women - who knows if that's true, but I sure believe it based on some of the bazaar things I've heard prescribed to pregnant women.

Lisa, I really hate it when people condescend to me about what is good for my baby. I truly like the idea of reproductive freedom. (Of course, that term usually is in reference to abortion, whereas I am simply referring to the ability to carry your baby the way you want.) If I were you, I'd tell that terrible lady at your work to "Suck it!" and tell her that clearly you are more secure with your ability to discern quality child care and your status as a working mother. Be-otch. On the other hand, you could go with a nicer, more respectful response such as "Everyone is different." The latter is probably more true than the former, but people really piss me off sometimes with their flippant comments.

Can anyone tell I'm hormonal, by the way? I'm a total be-otch lately, so if the blog becomes a little caustic - I'm blaming the pregnancy. I'm sure Chuck will agree. (And my Mom too since she had to put up with it all weekend, God bless her). Heaven help all the people I work with!

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