Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Hate My Newborn Baby . . . What?!?

I just read an article titled, "I hate my newborn baby" from Men's Health Magazine. It is an article written by a new dad (age 42) about his first months with his newborn baby boy and how difficult it was. I hate there are men out there without children who will read the title or the first few paragraphs and decide kids aren't what they're cracked up to be, but I have to admit to being frustrated with my newborns in the past. It is a short article, but I'm sure many of you mom's out there can really understand.

On the bright side, it has a happy ending. Plus, it shows great appreciation for parents who have real problems like disabled children, sick children, no money, or no spouse.

I truly have no idea how I would make it as a single mom. When Chuck is out of town, I feel like I never have a minute to just sit and rest. I get the kids up and dressed, drop of the kids at daycare, go to work, work through lunch so I can leave at a reasonable time to pick up the kids, feed the kids, grocery shop, put the kids to bed, do the household chores and get ready to start over again the next day. With a spouse, you can say, "Honey, can you put them to bed tonight? Can you take out the trash? Will you give them a bath while I change the laundry?" What a great team a couple makes. God bless all those single parents out there. It must be rough.

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ginster said...

here! here! to the single parents. they are like gods walking among lowly men (that would be the couple parents). i could certainly not do this without jeff.