Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sneaky Snake

Sneaky Snake is a song by Tom T. Hall about a sneaky snake who likes to drink rootbeer. This is the kids' favorite song right now. They ask me to sing it all the time! I listened to it when I was a kid and so I have all his songs memorized from the one cassette tape I had -remember those? My very first tape was Cindy Lauper and my sister Mary bought it for me at a store in Deauville Mall - ah, sweet memories. Anyway, I asked the kids a few months ago if they wanted to hear a silly song and so I sang them Sneaky Snake. It has been revived in the Berend household! We listen to it in the car and we sing it every night at bedtime. They even know the words and sing it with me. It's pretty darn cute and impressive since the only other song they know is the "ABC's." I even have a video of Evie singing it and dancing around her bedroom -- super cute! Some of Tom T. Hall's other songs include "I Love" which you've most likely heard, and "I Like Beer," one of our favortie songs (the kids haven't started singing this one yet!) Does anyone else know these songs? I think Chuck thinks I'm a total dork because I know and love these songs. Honestly, one of my favorite songs is called "The Song About the One-Legged Chicken", but I had not been able to find it anywhere until I finally found it on a CD through I ordered it and now the kids and I are warping our selves every morning on our way to school as we ride in the mini singing Sneaky Snake and listening to all his other crazy songs, including my favorite, the One-Legged Chicken. Enjoy the songs! Maybe I'll find the one-legged chicken one day and you can see how truly warped we all are.





roxy said...

love the line, "tickles his underneath". this song reminds me of allison, wonder why? I'll have to show alex when he wakes up, I bet he would love it. Our fav these days is the mickey mouse clubhouse song. He has also always liked the "name game" (daddy daddy fo fatty), it is fun to see whose name he throws out there for us to singe next. bet your kids would like that, too!

Theresa said...


We've actually been avoiding the name game because of Chuck's name, but it's a good idea to replace it with Daddy. I'll try that next time! Thanks for the idea.

lisawitt said...

HAHAHAHA, I so laughed about that...Chuck Chuck bo buck....yes, that could get interesting! ;-)

Cute videos and songs too!!

jkurzy said...

Rocky LOVES to drink root beer and just the other day we were singing...or at least trying to sing about sneaky snake. My dad has that record and played it all the time for us kids growing up. Another great one is 'Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine'. Rocky is also a HUGE fan of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's really sad when you know all the words to the 'Hot Dog Song'. Thomas and I went to Cabo San Lucas for our anniversary and wouldn't you know, there was Mickey in Spanish. We used my cell phone to record the Hot Dog song in Spanish. You never know when that might come in handy. I love your blog. What a great way to stay connected.

Theresa said...

I guess I need to get you guys a Tom T. Hall CD. Another one of my favorites is "Barn Dance." In my quest to find the "One Legged Chicken" song, I bought his Greatest Hits CD and it has 'Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine'. Another great one is "Who's Gonna Feed Them Hogs." Chuck and I crack up at that one!

Next time I'm in town I'll sing Sneaky Snake for Rocky. I swear, all the kids love it. Even Luke's friends ask me to sing it!