Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Frito Pie

I just ate a frito pie for lunch. When is the last time you had a frito pie? I can't even remember when I had a frito pie? It was delicious, but it is so nasty, greasy, and bad for me that my stomach is already protesting and I only finished eating about 15 minutes ago. How can something that looks like a dog vomited into a bowl taste so good? I have to admit that this picture looks a lot better than what I just ate. Hopefully, I won't throw up, but I'm pretty sure this experience isn't going to have a pleasant ending.

1 comment:

ginster said...

i heart frito pie so much and wish i was eating it with you this afternoon. yum. your next summer of obscure holidays party should include frito pie. i'll make a frito pie station.