Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Just a shout out to good old Mom. My mother who graduated from college when I graduated from high school just retired today! Congrats, Mom!

If you don't know about my mom, here are a few facts:
Born just before Pearl Harbor
Father shipped out soon thereafter
Army brat (12 schools in 12 years I think)
Oldest of 9 children
Had six children of her own (first 5 in 7 years (ouch!), then I followed 7 years after the youngest)
Husband (my dad) sadly passed when she was about 49
She went to college for the first time when I was 14 (guessing she was about 50 or 51)
She graduated from college when I graduated from high school (guessing she was about 54 or 55)
All of her children graduated from college
She has 11 grandchildren (one more on the way)
She passed her CPA
She worked as a CPA for a major oil and gas company since she graduated from college
She is retiring at age 66.
She still loves kids and will play with the four-year-olds like she is one of them. An amazing mother and grandmother.

She is a truly admirable woman and I'm quite proud to say she is my mother. Congratulations again, Mom!

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lisawitt said...

Congrats to your mom, that is a pretty awesome accomplishment! :)