Friday, August 1, 2008

Sweet and Sassy

Another trip to Sweet and Sassy for the kids (mostly for Luke). His hair is sooooo long! I love the surfer look but it was seriously too long so we went in and actually got it cut this time. Here are some pictures documenting our excursion to the store filled with glitter and all things for girls. Not a soccer ball in sight! By the way, got Luke signed up for soccer - finally!

Luke's hair before (plus a little spaghetti):

Luke getting his hair cut:

Evie and Mom before Evie's haircut (watching Luke) (she doesn't usually look this goofy):

Evie after a wash (what a brave girl - she's never had her hair washed at the salon before):

Evie getting her hair cut:

The dejected haircut victims:

All in all, it was a success. Notice how Luke is exhibiting his typical "boy" behavior - it is like he's already 15! We spent the next hour shopping while Chuck was at Coach's night.


lisawitt said...

I LOVE them wearing the Romo jerseys!! Children after Matt's own heart...poor Zach will be the only kid in Houston supporting the cowboys! The hair cuts look pretty good too! :)

Kelly said...

i love the hair! so cute.. i envy those curls