Friday, August 15, 2008

It's a . . .

Baby! The kids want to tell you, so you can click on either one and find out what we're having:


As promised to Lisa, here's a belly shot:



lisawitt said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! a baby boy if I heard it right! Is his name still going to be George?

Zach is very excited to have another boy coming into the mix. He and JP were getting lonely!

And I love the belly shot, you look precious!

Theresa said...

Thanks! You heard correctly, it's a boy. I don't think we could name him anything other than George at this point. The kids are pretty well set that we're having a boy and his name is George. Now I get to pick the middle name. I like Ian, Scott, & Maxwell, but I haven't gotten Chuck's input yet

Jess said...

Can't wait to see George!!

Kelly said...

so cute!!! congratulations! I can't wait to meet baby george!
you look awesome!

amym said...

Yeah...a boy!!!! What an adorable little video! Congratulations!!

Roxy said...

You look geat!! Pregnancy goes well with you lady.

Yeah, another boy!! Only fitting since your fam spends so much time at football games. Another shot for Chuck to have a son on the field one day :).

My streak is officially over :)