Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Private Parts Update

Oh yes, Chuck informed me that Luke announced on their way home from school last night that he could feel the "heartbeat" in his penis again. Seriously, how much of this is he saying at school?!?

And then Evie asked Chuck if he has big "nubbles." Yes, no, ignore the question? What's the correct answer?


Joan Burnham said...

I think I would start with Luke, "Do you have to go potty?" and explain that sometimes when boys have to go potty their penis stands up or gets bigger and they should then take the time to go potty. I would also mention that when his penis has a "heartbeat" and he needs to go to the bathroom it is something that should be done without detail, just say "I have to go potty".
As far as the "nubbles" Show her his chest and just ask "What do you think?" and then explain that everyone is different and that a lot of people don't like to talk about their bodies.
I think Tom and Mike used to share this kind of boy information mostly with each other, we girls were left out - Thank God!
Got to love them, they really make you think sometimes and just when you thought you'd heard everything they come up with something NEW!!

Theresa said...

I've actually tried that tact with Luke before. He'll be touching himself while we're watching tv and I'll ask him if he needs to go potty. He'll distractedly, but matter-of-factedly, answer, "No, my penis is just big." Okay, whatever. Honestly, I didnt' know little boys' penises did that when they have to pee. It doesn't seem to do that when I'm watching him pee. Perhaps I'm missing something. The problem with the tactic with Evie is that she will think it's okay to look at everyone's nubbles. Will she then ask to see mine, and what about her teachers? Seems like I'd be opening pandora's box there.

Joan Burnham said...

I guess then I would ask how did Chuck's parents handle stuff like that? What does Chuck want to tell them? This also made me remember that Vernon used to call Amy's nipples her "mosquito bites" and tell her to stop touching them. How's that for handling the problem! Sorry I'm not any more help. Joan