Friday, August 1, 2008

Crocs: An Abomination of Society?

I just purchased three pairs of crocs for the kids today and then as I was navigating back to my homepage I saw an article about Crocs called "Make. It. Stop." The gist of the article is that Crocs are ugly and only dorks wear them. My thanks to Newsweek for calling a majority of Americans dorks, including my children.

Our kids are required to wear Crocs (name brand or generic) or slippers at their daycare when they are inside. Luke's generic brand pair from Target is falling apart so I promised him the other day that I would get him some A&M Crocs. This morning I found out that Evie is moving up to a big kids class so she'll need a pair too, so I ordered her some Cinderella Crocs. I hope they fit. I dropped approximately $35.00 per pair. Ouch. I think they're $10 at Target. Nonetheless, there is nothing that could have made me feel better about a $100 purchase than this Newsweek article telling me what dorks my kids will be for wearing these newly ordered shoes.

As I head into the weekend, I want to wish the best to little J.P.! Happy first birthday, buddy! Wish we could be there! Maybe I'll send you a pair of crocs for your birthday since you should be walking soon! And to Ashley, I hope Maggie isn't making you too uncomfortable with all this heat. I hate to miss fun baby stuff and yummy shower food, but I'm out this weekend. Hope you don't encounter too much traffic on your way to Houston.

Keep cool!


lisawitt said...

you guys just need to move to H-town!! :)

Hope you are feeling good these days...shouldn't the big appointment be coming up soon?

I still want a belly pic!

ginster said...

i have crocs and think they are great. jeff has some too and loves them. we even bought our nieces crocs and those pop in things for the holes. they look adorable in them. so fu newsweek!

how are you feeling?

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