Monday, August 18, 2008

George the Forgotten One

I can't believe I'm already half way through this pregnancy. Chuck and I are starting to feel a little guilty about the fact that we just haven't spent much time focusing on George and the expectation of George. Really, we spend our days working and parenting and only on occasion do we really talk about or contemplate George, how big he is, where he will sleep, do we need anything for him, etc. Instead we focus on getting lunches ready, doing laundry, kissing boo boos, and how crappy it is that I can't drink (man, I miss the wine). So, poor little George is really getting the shaft here. This weekend, we briefly hit the crazy tax-free weekend mall and while I was in the Children's Place picking up a load of socks for luke and evie, I saw a sweet little blue onsie size 0-3 mos. that says "Tough Guy" on the front and I picked it up for my new little one. Chuck's comment was, don't go overdoing it on purchases for George - we have plenty of clothes and people always buy you stuff. To which I responded that people DO NOT buy you stuff for the third baby (and really shouldn't for the second, except that our second was a different sex than the first so it made for a good excuse).

At this point there is really no reason for buying new baby clothes for the little boy except to replace any of the clothes that Luke ruined by spitting up and drooling, but seriously, it's not like George is going to reject Luke's clothes because they're so last season. Anyway, I bought something for the little one which tends to make the whole situation much more real. Now, I need to contemplate decorating his room. I haven't broken it to Chuck yet, but I fully intend to buy new bedding for George. When Luke was born we bought pretty neutral bedding and said, "This is great because we can use it for the next kid" Of course, freako-hormonal-me went out and insisted on buying something girly for my precious Evie six weeks before she was born. I didn't think she should be treated like a second-class citizen just because she came second. And so, while I don't believe the whole "second-class-citizen" thing holds water, I'll admit that I just want to buy new bedding for this next one. I tend to like things to match.

The biggest hitch in the plan is that I have no idea where we will be when this little baby will be born. I'm intending to actually put a sign in front of my house next week, but who knows how long it will take to actually sell the house. It could be 2 weeks, it could be a year. So, instead, we're in a holding pattern until we get an offer or figure out that no one wants our house, which is currently my fear.

Yesterday, Chuck and I drove around a couple of neighborhoods looking for a new place to live (yes, we like to put the cart before the horse sometimes). There is this gorgeous new neighborhood in West Fort Worth that we really shouldn't even consider but, ugh - it is tooo beautiful!!!! It is called Montserrat. It's located on a cliff that has a pretty good view of downtown Fort Worth on one side and a sprawling view of land on the other. Very pretty (for Fort Worth). I fell in love instantly and we found this great house that has the perfect room for a Nanny (not that the nanny thing is set in stone yet). Ahh, so we really enjoyed looking at all the possibilities that are open to really rich people in Montserrat. Next weekend, I intend to set my focus on more realistic homes in Arlington and Grapevine. Of course, if we bought the cheapest house in Montserrat then we could go hang at our neighbor's kick-ass multi-million dollar houses. Right now, we're pretty much surrounded by old people so we can't hang out at their million dollar houses, but in Montserrat, there are tons of young rich people so we might have a better chance there. But then again, we'd be pressured to send our kids to some snooty private school and I'm not really on board for that.

Okay, enough chit chat - must get to work.

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