Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A cool 84.

I wasn't wrong! I'm in a splendid mood and it is all because of Edouard which has made it overcast and 84 degrees! It is pure bliss. I swear I should move to Seattle; I love this weather! Too bad Seattle would put me even further from my family and h-town friends.

The hectic lifestyle we are living continues to worsen. Our latest bad news includes the fact that we have to replace the transmission on our 2004 Expedition. It sucks! So, at the moment, we are carpooling which isn't as easy as it used to be when Chuck and I both worked downtown. Now, the kids and I are still downtown, but Chuck is 20 minutes away in North Richland Hills. It isn't bad compared to some of you all who commute in Houston or Dallas, but it has pretty much screwed up our routine. Hopefully, we'll have the Expedition back tomorrow or the next day, after we pay the $2,300 bill, of course.

I am just thankful that our health and safety continue to be secure. Plus, we are looking forward to adding the new little tyke to the family. We'll find out what we're having next Thursday, so stay tuned!

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lisawitt said...

woohoo!! next thursday! I cant wait to find out! :)