Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missed you.

Did you miss me? No need to answer, I know you did. I spent the weekend in Crested Butte, skiing, drinking, eating, spaing, and reading a fantastically superficial romance novel. I know you're all jealous. It was breathtaking!

See? Told ya. That's the view from the window in the living room of the house we were staying at, thank to some good friends. We had latte's with bacon and eggs and biscuits every morning. We had lunch on the mountain everyday and wonderful dinners with fabulous wine and martinis. Ah, that's the life! (Let me stop you now -- I'm not currently accepting comments regarding my progress with WW, but I'm climbing back on the wagon right now.)
Although, after all of that eating, I only gained 1.2 pounds. I'm back in gear now. Check out my skiing!

It's my pseudo-internet-friend's birthday today. Go check out her blog by clicking here: “The super anal and disgustingly needy booshy wants you to read her birthday post. She’s the one asking, not me, and since it’s her birthday, I am being nice. So if she sucks, blame her, not me. I’m simply the messenger who is trying to do the right thing.”


Susan said...

Wow, looks gorgeous! Jealous, but I'll be in sunny Mexico in 3 days! Tough choice, but think I'll take the beach, minus the bathing suit, but in need of a tan so bad. I am so pasty white, it is scary. Hope you guys had a great time and that you got to relax, sans kiddos!

lisawitt said...

so jealous! one day i will vacation again....

welcome back to the real world! ;-)

Mary said...

Looks like you had a great time!