Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The New Family Members

We changed the new dogs' names to:




Trust me. The little one looks sweet here, but she is a pain in the ass (as I anticipated). I did actually change her name to Lola by telling Luke that she won't respond to the name Maggie. It worked. She is officially Lola, and I can't count how many times I've already said, "No, Lola!" and "Dammit Lola!" I can't remember ever cleaning up this much shit and pee at one time.

The other dog is actually as sweet as he looks. Seriously. He's really skinny and stinky, but I can't get him groomed until his stitches come out. Yuck. Also, he does not respond to the name Walter or any of the other names I had picked out. I keep trying out random names to see if I can catch his attention. So every once in a while you hear me saying, "Come here, Bob! . . . Joe! . . . Larry! . . . Donald!" No response, so I'll try again, "Come on, Shaggy! . . . Merv! . . . Shooter! . . . Fred!" Nothing. I think we might end up just sticking with Walter since I have no idea what his name was before.


Joan said...

How about Buddy, Sweetie pie, and Boo-boo. Those are the names the loved pets in my home have transistioned to from the most adoring human around - namely Amy and Vernon. I don't even think Kane recognizes Kane - but Boo-boo.
on the slightly positive side, pee and poop are better than vomit.
Thank God you aren't pregnant on top of everything else!

Mary said...

What wonderful dogs! I love Walter - but have you thought he might be deaf? Does he bark much? I also love the name Lola! How is Fergie liking the new additions?

Theresa said...

He doesn't bark much and we have considered the deaf thing, but he isn't that old. He's only three and a half. Fergi is doing surprisingly well. She's probably a little sensitive with the puppy because of her surgery. The puppy annoys her and Walter. Poor things. I let Fergi sleep with me last night, so we could ease them all into this stuff, but it was super cute last night when they all three followed me to the front door and watched me walk outside. Precious!

Emily said...

This blog made me laugh so much. Co-workers are wondering what's up with me. You are so clever though(Buyer's & Remorse).
But it's time to face facts that Walter is really 14 and you may not have to worry about him much longer anyways. Now's he's deaf?!
Can't wait to meet them. And I'd be happy to take Walter home with me. So cute!!!! :)

Theresa said...

Lindsey confirmed today that Walter/Neville is NOT deaf. She's trying out the name Neville right now. He is super cute, but you should probably wait to take him home once he's had a bath. He's a stinker! Can't give him a bath until his stitches come out in 8-12 DAYS! Glad you enjoyed the post.

lisawitt said...

ooh walter, its such a great name! I love it, hope he gets used to it too....

as for the puppy, well...she will eventually grow out of that, right? LOL!

hang in there!!