Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pictures and News

Pictures for all the fans out there.
(mostly of George, because Lindsey took all of these).

These were taken yesterday - just because he was being so darn cute!

And here is some sad news that I haven't been able to share. Friday before last, I finalized my decision to have my cat Abby put down. If you ever met her, you would know that she was not a very nice cat. She really hated everyone, but she loved the kids. Most days we would find her sleeping with the kids, all snuggled up. Recently, however, she had begun peeing in the house all the time -- right in front of us. It was awful and disgusting. Then she bit Luke. Then she bit me. We decided it was time. Chuck refused to take her in because he said he didn't believe that I was sure about our decision. So, I took her in. By myself. And I broke down into tears three times while I was there. The vet, however, assured me that I was making the right decision. It was very difficult and I'm still sad about it. The vet's office even sent me a sympathy card. I was beyond words.

She was a pretty cat.
And we got her as a kitten two months after we were married.
She lived to be 12 years old.

Here she is in her favorite place

Here she is in her least favorite place
(other than in a bathtub)

As for the kids, I told them that Abby has gone to live at a farm. Luke was very upset, but Evie just shrugged and said, "Okay." Luke cried and cried, and even took a picture of Abby to school for show and tell so he could explain that his cat had gone to live on a farm. (I know this makes me a bad mom, but I've been out of the running for Mom of the Year since January 1). Luke has since moved on and is now pushing for a puppy for himself and another one for Evie. We are resisting.


Jess said...

Poor Abby...although I have been scratched by her, she was still fun. My condolences...puppy, puppy, puppy.

Theresa said...

You may be thinking of another kitty, because she didn't have any claws, but she probably still swatted at you. Thanks for the thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Cathy said... Definitely the right decision. And don't get hung up about the explanation. It was HORRIBLE when we had to put Smokey down at nearly 17 years. But he was so old, that we had to. We also had to break it to Noel (7 at the time)that Smokey had passed away. (She would have KNOWN there was no way I would give Smokey away.) He was like an appendage to either me, Noel, Travis, or Mark in that order.

Clarissa said...

I had a cat do that too (plus pooping all over the house), and we had to do the same - with a baby around, I couldn't risk her picking it up or putting it into her mouth before I discovered it. It broke my heart, but my home is not a litter box and I had to keep my kid safe. Even though I know it was the right decision, I still feel bad about it to this day. So I'm sorry and I feel for you - even though you had to do it - it is still hard.

Mary said...

I had to give Calico to a no-kill shelter when she became territorial after Amber was born. I was heartbroken. In the end, we do what we have to do for our kids. I am so sorry you had to go through that. It's hard even though you know you did the right thing. I feel for you. Maybe another kitty?

Roxanne said...

so sorry about your cat...but on a happier note, that is one adorable child! I loved looking at all of his smiles, wishing I could pick him up and hug him now.