Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just the ordinary.

I had my first parent-teacher conference yesterday with Luke's teacher. She was complimentary of him. Said he is sweet, smart, social, and easy-going - she emphasized the easy-going part of it several times. But, she also said he is having trouble focusing when he is working independently. Although he is above-average with his academics (yay, for that), she is concerned that he could fall behind in first grade when they do more independent work simply because he doesn't focus and finish his work when he has to work on an assignment on his own. We are going to start working on having him focus on a particular task at home and setting a timer on it so he can learn time management. We hope it works. Let me know if anyone out there has any other suggestions.

Walter is finally getting groomed today. I can't wait to post his before and after pictures. He is such a mess! As for all the pets, well, they are testing their boundaries and each other. They are trying to establish who is the dominant dog. Quite frankly, Walter has them all beat. First, he's the biggest, and second, he's REALLY protective of his food. Lola is super annoying - as all puppies are, and the older two lack patience to take her puppy shit. She jumps on them and bites them and barks at them in that puppy playful way. Let me just say, it is pretty annoying to me, so I imagine it is even worse to poor Fergi and Walter.

Nothing exciting to post today. Sorry. Hope you all have a kick ass Fat Tuesday!

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