Friday, February 19, 2010

Over the Top

Have I mentioned how great Luke's school is?

It is a public school, but it feels more like a private school and I'm not really accustomed to that. I went to public school when I was growing up, but Chuck went to a private school. His was a small Catholic school that was always hurting for funds. Mine was the quintessential public school - nothing special, but nothing terrible.

Well, Luke's school is unbelievably over the top. I've previously explained that the parents are WAY involved and Chuck and I are both on different committees to do various things at the school - I help teach Science Lab once a month and Chuck is on the Grounds committee. Well, the most recent thing going on is the school auction. I thought this would be pretty fun. I mean, an auction is always fun, right? Chuck and I are sharing a table with three other couples that we know from football, soccer, and school. (They invited us to share, otherwise, I don't think I would have even remembered to buy tickets).

But, let me begin by saying that this "auction" is way more than an auction. This is an auction on steroids. Seriously! I received a booklet yesterday that had all the different auction items in it and there are SEVEN different auctions that are going on. They include (1) a live auction (2) Four Board auctions (I don't know what that is yet); (3) Silent Auction; (4) Wine Pull; (5) Split the Pot; (6) Teacher sponsored auction items; and (7) Parent sponsored auction items. And when I tried to figure out who had time to put all this together, I looked at the list of the auction committee in the front of the booklet - more shock. The auction committee consists of two pages of names - approximately 80 people! 80 PEOPLE!

I'm pretty overwhelmed at the entire process, but I have been clued in that there are things like "Spend 1/2 a day with the Principal" that will go for hundreds of dollars, if not more. They have things like putting your kid's name on the marquee for the month of their birthday, reserved parking in the carpool line, sleep overs in the gym at school, a crawfish boil party for 25 couples, items autographed by stars such as Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, the cast of Harry Potter, U2, etc., and TONS of other things. It's outrageous! It actually took me approximately 40 minutes to read through the entire booklet full of auction items and rules - yes, rules. Then I had to actually highlight stuff we might (1) be interested in purchasing and (2) be able to afford (although I have my doubts). And we have to bid on something. Really, at least one something if not several somethings. Next year, I'm going to have to save up our cash just for this freakin' auction.

To top off the unbelievable aspect of this entire thing, one of the couples at our table has hired a car to chauffeur us all to the auction and back home.


Over the top?
Uh, yeah.

So, when I get over my hangover Sunday afternoon, I'll be sure to post all the outrageous, over the top items we were "forced" to purchase at this crazy-ass auction. But then I will have to remind myself that Luke's school is amazing and totally worth it. I mean, I was flipping through our local newspaper last night looking for coupons (yes, coupons - no need to start making fun), and he saw this picture (which was nowhere near this big).

He said, "Wait! Go back!"

I flipped back through the paper until he saw the picture again. He pointed to it and said, "This is our artist of the month."

Me, "Oh yeah? Do you know his name?"

Luke said with disappointment, "I can't remember."

Me, "His first name is Andy."

Luke finished with pride, "Warhol!"

Me, "Yup."

Then he explained to me that Andy Warhol's greatest work of art was a picture of a can of soup.

Seriously, he knew all that! In Kindergarten! Yeah, seriously. So, the auction is probably worth it.

P.S. I forgot to mention that there is also a raffle.


Alicia said...

Take notes & save them for me when we are at the auction for George and Charlotte. Should I clue Wilson in now or just leave him in the dark???

Theresa said...

Actually, Wade and Paul clued me in. I was shocked! Wade bought the class teddy bear for over $900. You should have seen my face when he told me that.

Mom said...

Have a great time at the auction.