Monday, February 22, 2010

I finally did it.

I worked all weekend except when I took a break to go to the crazy school auction. It was a blast, but I remained in shock the entire time. I'll have to give you all a rundown tomorrow, but today I'm too tired to even contemplate it after my morning.

Today, I finally did it. I took the kids to the dentist. All THREE. At. The. Same. Time. In spite of that, the dentist was fantastic. Not a single tear! Can you believe it? The kids were champs and everyone at the dentist's office was beyond friendly and accommodating. Our dentist was super great too. She asked Luke, "So, is there anything that's bothering you lately?" You know, in reference to his teeth, right? Well he answered, "No, just my sister." The doctor cracked up and I had to ask what he had said. What a goofball. The two older kids got balloon animals and toys in addition to a bag filled with fun toys and toothbrushes. Their teeth look pretty good, except there is a possibility that Luke has an extra tooth - we'll know more when he turns six, and Evie is guaranteed to have to see an orthodontist because she has what the doctor called an "open bite." Here's an explanation.

Apparently she got this from her bad habit of sucking on her tongue - remember she has an abnormally large tongue. This is a bummer because neither Chuck nor I had braces.

Here is a picture of Luke having his teeth counted.
He and Evie wore sunglasses so that the "bright light" didn't hurt their eyes.
They were totally pampered!

George was ready for his turn.

George looked on as Evie relaxed and had plaque removed.

Even George got a check up.
Here's a picture of "Flash" at the dentist.
He would not sit still.

He has six teeth and two more fighting to push through. I was so impressed with everybody at the office, I will be recommending this dentist to all my friends (although I'm sure that all my friends are more responsible than me and have already located and visited a dentist of their choice by now).


Joan said...

Three at one time?! A major accomplishment, and mine went almost 4 years in between San Antonio (Age <1 yr and 3 years) and then back to Texas (ages 4 and 6). Those dentists in Kansas scared the crap out of me!

Mary said...

Pretty nice Dentist experience! Amber had an extra tooth. They thought that would give her adult teeth more room - but no luck. She had to have braces anyway. Glad there were no cavities!

Mom said...

The gap in her teeth will probably fill in with her permanent teeth.

lisawitt said...

Again...the luke comment made me chuckle out loud. had to share that one with matt, too!

brave woman taking all 3 by yourself. we took both boys for their well visits today but i had to take matt for back up! thank goodness cause z apparently does not like the doctor any more! ;)

The Potters said...

I guess I should be taking my little one...Who did you go to? I must go there if they are that excellent!

Theresa said...

Dr. Weiner and Dr. Guiatas at Fort Worth Pediatric Dentistry. Fantastic!