Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Glutton for Punishment

Hey there peeps! Here's the update.

Fergi is home and very sore. They cut a great big hole in her stomach, removed the skin, pulled the remaining skin together and stitched her up. She looks and feels terrible. So pathetic, but she was still able to bark at the pizza delivery guy last night.

Today, I pick up the new dogs. I have decided on the name Walter for my dog (I like the story of Walter the Farting Dog - good call Lisa), and Luke and Evie are dead set on the name Maggie for their dog, even though I rallied for Stella or Lola this morning. (I love the name Lola!) Anyhow, I'm getting myself ready for a long night of puppy whining and trips to the potty (aka the yard).

As for my real kids: George is recovering from his weekend illness (did I even mention that? - Yup, an ear infection + drainage = more antibiotics). Evie was coughing like crazy yesterday and started running at fever of 102 late last night. Her temperature is normal this morning, but she started trying to throw up. Lucky me. Luke is well, but making me shake my head.

A while ago, Luke asked me where George came out of me. I gently explained that there is a special hole that George comes out of. Luke, "In your bottom?" Me, "Yes, around my bottom." He seemed satisfied.

This morning he was peeing and I was waiting for him to finish so that we could get him dressed and rush out the door. As he finished peeing, he looked at me and said, "Mom, these are cheeks." He pointed to his butt cheeks and grinned.

Me, "Yes they are."

Luke replied with pleasure, "We have two cheeks! Cheeks on our bottom and cheeks on our face."

Me, "That's right."

Luke continued, "And our butt is in between the cheeks where there's a line."

I was already growing weary of the discussion as I waited for him to pull up his pants, "Yes, now pull up your pants and flush the toilet."

Luke paused and then he asked, "Mom, when can I see the hole that babies come out of."

I paused, "Uh, you can't see mine."

He looked at me with that smart-give-me-a-break look and said, "It comes out of your bottom, doesn't it." As if I've been lying about there being a "special hole."

Me, "Nope. It comes out of a special hole for babies."

Luke, "Well, when can I
see it?" (Mind you, he's still standing there with his pants down and his junk hanging out freely.)

Me, "You can
never see mine, but maybe I'll get you a book that explains it."

He seemed put out, but I switched the topic quickly, "Luke! Pull your pants up. I don't need to see your bottom and your private parts, and we need to get you to school!"

End scene. Seriously, that kid wears me out.

P.S. My apologies to my friends Jack and Ashley because our dog is going to have the same name as their daughter. Please take it as a compliment that we like the name so well. When George and your daughter Maggie get married, I'm sure our dog Maggie will probably not be around anymore.


Jess said...

Let me know if you find a good book.

lisawitt said...

omg, the luke conversations ALWAYS have me laughing!!! oooh boy, is this what i have to look forward to?

Yeah for walter and maggie...well its close enough to Aggie! :)

Have fun tonight and hope the kiddos feel better soon.

Mary said...

I love Walter! And poor Fergie, I hope it all goes well for her. I wish I could see all of the new family members.

ashley1996 said...

No hard feelings on the name. I love that name as well, so I can see why your kids picked it! Hope everyone gets better in your house. We are down for the count in this house! See you guys soon.