Friday, January 9, 2009

Carpet man

The man who was scheduled to come to my house to measure for our new carpet arrived as scheduled, but I had let the time get away from me. When he arrived I was sitting in front of our front window openly nursing George and then I almost opened the door with George still attached. I'm clearly losing touch with the real world. Luckily, I removed George from his luncheon feast and pulled my shirt down before opening the door.

I won't have to worry about that much longer since George is demanding more milk than I can provide. He continued to cry for more the other night after he ate everything I had to offer. In desperation, I turned to formula. The kids were thrilled to see that I was finally going to use a bottle (weird). As I offered it to George, I swear I saw a look of relief on his little infant face and then he proceeded to gulp down 2 1/2 ozs, taking to the bottle like a champ. He slept for 5 hours after that. Poor boy was starving. So, I've resigned myself to supplementing with formula. I know George would kiss my feet in appreciation if he could.

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Mary said...

Although it may seem a little sad - I bet it is a bot of a relief for you as well.