Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tube Time

Evie had tubes put in her ears in September 2007 and we went for a check up on Christmas Eve 2008 and discovered that both tubes have fallen out and her ears are once again filled with fluid. The ENT prescribed a second round of antibiotics and we went for another check up today only to discover that the fluid is still there and her hearing is really bad in the left ear and only pretty bad in the right ear. The doctor ordered x-rays and my sweet girl cooperated like a champ - not even a whimper or any hesitation. The x-rays revealed that her sinuses are completely filled with fluid. The doctor recommended replacing the tubes, removing her adenoids, and flushing the sinuses. So, we are scheduled for surgery next Thursday. Poor baby girl. And she is such a trooper about everything!

George and I also went for his second state-ordered PKU test where they prick his heel and bleed him onto a piece of paper. I hate this test! I know it is to check his health, but damn, it kills me to watch them hurt my baby. They pricked Evie's heel three times! By the end, I was crying too. It wasn't that bad with George, but he did cry all the way home.


Joan said...

I loved it when Amy had her tubes. She loved it too, especially the part about holding her nose and blowing booger bubbles out her ears. Yeah, we were all grossed out too - that's why she loved it - all the EEEWWW responses.
I continued to do the nasal irrigations until her tubes fell out at age 5 or 6. The irrigations kept everything nice and clean. How do you feel about doing that? What does the MD think about nasal irrigations? Don't feel bad it if you say "No Way!" some people can't do it - like Vernon. You know me though, I feel productive when I've helped someone excrete bodily substances. It's that nurse in me.

Theresa said...

I don't think I would be good at it. Too afraid of hurting her. I think she would feel my uncertainty.

lisawitt said...

So Evie and Zachary will be Tube Surgery buddies....he will be getting his on Thursday the 15th too!