Friday, January 9, 2009

Pictures of George

George will be a month old tomorrow. Hard to believe that time can fly by so quickly and that I'm so behind the curve that I'm just now posting pictures of him. I blame the holidays. Enjoy these pictures of my very sweet angel.

Obviously just a few minutes old.

Evie's first chance to hold George. She looks a little unsure at first, but really gets to like it later.

The proud big brother. Luke wanted to show George to all his classmates.
A double hug from big brother and big sister.

Just being adorable.

Some Big Fish bonding with Daddy as Daddy tries to convince George that the Texas A&M football team will bring world peace when they win the National Championship.
George sleeping in his bassinet and showing off his jaundice. (sorry for the fuzzy pic)

And my favorite even though it is a little fuzzy.


Mom said...

He will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. Close to a month but not until Tuesday. I love the pictures.

amym said...

He is precious!! Love the doble hug!!

lisawitt said...

He is just precious!! :)

Mary said...

Wow - Grandma is splitting hairs! Anyway - he is gorgeous! wish I could see you all right now and give everyone a hug!

Stacey said...

He is so adorable! I am so happy for your sweet family.