Thursday, January 22, 2009

Picture of George to Evaluate

I was taking these pictures while I was holding George, so they're not very good and I doubt I'll get any better at taking pictures. That's why I hire a photographer. Here's one from before he got so fat. And I mean, he is seriously getting fat! Love to kiss those little cheeks!

And I just had to include this one because it so accurately reflects how much Evie likes George.

As for Evie, she told me last night that she doesn't want to go back to dance class because she says, "I don't know how." I keep trying to convince her that she is going to dance lessons so she can learn how, but I haven't quite convinced her yet. Looks like I might have an "Evie vs. Dance Class" on my hands. Wish me luck. What I really need is Grandma because Evie has been asking when Grandma is going to come watch her dance. She really wants to show Grandma her dance outfit and her dance class. How sweet is that?


Joan said...

Maybe you can refocus her on how we all learn stuff because no one can know how do do everything. Like George doesn't know how to walk or eat food yet. And Amy and Colt didn't know how to ice skate so they took classes to learn how to do that. Maybe the dance classes you and Chuck took might help, especially if you show her what you did learn and still don't know.
I'm going to search for some early picture of Rocky so we can compare. He is so adorable, I love kissing fat cheeks, too.

Jess said...

I love fat babies...just look at my "little" girl. She is so chunky. It is great. Good luck with dance class...I am sure she will get behind it after going a few times. She is absolutely adorable in her outfit.