Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tutorial: How to Post a Comment

Okay, so I've spoken to a few of my frequent viewers and some of you have expressed that you would post comments but you don't want to have to create a blog to do so. Well, I'm here to tell you how to post a comment without having to create a blog.

When you see something witty, interesting, dumb, boring, insightful, or otherwise which makes you want to post a reply or a comment, just go to the bottom of that post and click on "Comments". At that point, Blogger will pop up with a Comments box and you can read all the comments that have been made. If you scroll to the bottom of the Comments box, you will see the following options to choose from:

Open ID (use only if you have a LiveJournal ID or other ID)

Each option has a circle next to it and you can click on the circle to choose how you would like to post. If you do not have a Blog, you can click on either Name/URL or Anonymous. If you click on Name/URL, then fill in your name, leave the URL blank, and then fill in the box with your comment and click on "Publish Comment" and you're done. You can do the same thing for Anonymous.

At the end of this post, I have posted comments under each type of option for your viewing pleasure.


Theresa said...

- Posting here under Google/Blogger.

Theresa said...

- Posting here under Name/URL

Anonymous said...

- Posting here under Annonymous. - Theresa

Mom said...

Let's see if this works.

Mary said...

Mom has got it!

Jason A. Bowman said...

Your directions are confusing and I can't figure out how to post.

Theresa said...

Good for Mom. Obviously the instructions aren't too confusing, JBow.

Rodney Wickwar said...

- Posting here under Google/Blogger.