Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weight commercials

I've spent a substantial amount of time in front of the television lately, and I have to gripe about the number of weight loss commercials that are flooding the programing! I'm soooo sick of seeing how I can lose weight. Don't they know that we all want to lose weight, but none of us want to actually do the work to make it happen? I'm particularly offended by the commercials for NutriSystem. Their food looks disgusting and small. If it looks that bad on TV (when they make it out to look its best), imagine what it actually looks like when it arrives at your doorstep. Oh, and that's one more thing - all of it is unrefrigerated - how disgusting is that?! Okay, done with my rant.

Best of luck to all of you who are trying to lose weight in 2009.


Mary said...

I noticed the same thing - I guess they are all trying to capitalize on the New Year Resolution Syndrome.

Joan said...

I hate daytime TV. Now get me some NatGeo and I'll watch during the daytime hours. The major networks, forget it, and the kid channels stink, too!
And as they say, a sucker is born every 8 minutes, just in time for the commercials!

Theresa said...

daytime tv sucks!

lisawitt said...

maybe you need netflix or something and you can watch movies instead?

glad to see george's new side bar pic is from outside the uterus ;-)