Friday, January 9, 2009

What else is she saying?

As I was driving Evie to school a couple days ago, she announced proudly, "Mommy, my legs are scratchy just like yours!" I let out a grunt/sigh before laughing out loud. I glanced at her the back seat and saw her rubbing her bare legs in wonder. I couldn't really contradict her, because my legs are scratchy more often than not. So, either I need to shave more often or she needs moisturizer on her little legs, or more likely, both. But the worst part of this is the true possibility that she announced this at school. And I wonder, what else is she saying?

The witty observations don't stop with Evie. Yesterday morning, Luke felt my stomach and asked, "Why is your belly empty?" I tilted my head slightly and said slowly, "Uh, because George came out of my belly, remember?" I have to admit that I know the concept of child birth is difficult to grasp. Even I have a hard time comprehending that a little being is inside a pregnant woman, even when I'm that pregnant woman. I swear, I don't think I grasped the fact that I was really and truly having a baby until I saw George actually arrive. You'd think I would have a better comprehension of the fact since I had done it twice before. Oh, well.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. I'm exhausted, as is to be expected. Hopefully things will become a little easier soon and I'll have more energy for posting and cleaning my house.

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