Wednesday, January 28, 2009

He's cuter than he looks

I have spent so much time trying to capture how cute George is with my crappy camera, but no matter how good the picture turns out I just can't accurately reflect how absolutely perfect and adorable he is. Nonetheless, here are some pictures of my little one in a rabbit hat (for which I'm sure he'll kill me when he's older), all bundled up for the cold. With that said, he certainly doesn't smell as cute as he looks. I've never known an infant to have smelly gas rivaling adult males. It is impressive and disgusting. Even Chuck was surprised as we continued to waft the smell away from ourselves and the poor baby. What in the world was going on in his tummy? We didn't change his diet or mine, so I'm completely baffled by the situtation.
I think he looks like a doll!

Here is a picture of the view from our house this morning. It is freakin' COLD!!!!


Joan said...

Those pictures can't be any worse than some we have of Amy. We put every outfit my mother-in-law sent on that poor baby when she was in the hospital. Some were really hideous. And the best part, that baby still loves us today and is understanding about the bad wardrobe of her youth. And he is so Cute!!!

Mary said...

He is adorable! I love the bunny hat. I can't get over his cheeks - I just want to kiss them!