Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm a Jungle Gym

There is nothing like holding a sleeping baby to attract other little children to you. Not only do my kids swarm around me when I'm holding George, but they also climb on every part of me and ocassionally George too. There's not enough room for the kids, the dog, George, or anything else like a glass of Champagne or a beer. Too bad for me. Of course, working on the computer has almost the same net result. Luke is staring at the computer as I type this asking, "Mom, what are you spelling?"

This week has been worse than I think it usually will be just because I'm with all three kids 24/7. This week has confirmed that I could NOT be a stay at home mom. There's just no way I could maintain my mental health and stay at home with these three precious kids all the time. Not only would I go crazy, but I'm certain they would too. Nonetheless, I do wish I could spend more than six weeks at home with George. This feeling is amplified when he is crying in someone else's arms and quiets as soon as I hold him. Sadly, I won't be there to comfort him when he starts day care, and the thought of him crying without me being able to comfort him breaks my heart. Hopefully, he will adjust quickly. I'm sure I will adjust as I have in the past, but it is still a little painful to think about it.

Okay, enough of my boring posts. I'm sure to come up with something interesting soon, but being holed up in this cave (aka my house) allows for little interaction with the outside world leading to interesting commentary. Instead, my life is filled with arguments/discussions about whose turn it is to pick out a movie and whether we're going to watch Star Wars or a princess movie and the whining that ensues by the losing child. Ugh.


lisawitt said...

I think George needs his pic updated on the side bar since he is no longer in utero! Hope you guys are doing okay and hang in there!

Theresa said...

I think so too!