Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My eyes are burning/stinging. I think I need some more sleep. No jury yet. Just chillin' while the real lawyers do all the hard work. I'll get called in later. My job consists of behind the scenes grunt work. While I was making copies the other day, I compared my actual lawyering job to those glamorous lawyering jobs you see on LA Law and Boston Legal. Reality is much less interesting.

Today, I packed packed a pair of jeans, flip flops, a t-shirt, a brush, hairspray, a book, and a pillow. I'm so freakin' prepared! I intend to utilize the pillow in an hour or so. Do you think it would be inappropriate to bring a sleeping bag?

At some point, I need to clean up my office. It looks like a paper factory exploded in here.


Joan said...

Sounds like billable hours. Catch the ZZZs when you can. No a sleeping bag doesn't sound bad and maybe you should put a sofa in your office. Do they allow that kind of stuff??

Will you get a few days off after the trial?? for mental helth if nothing else.

Mary said...

I can relate to the burning/stinging eyes syndrome from too much work. I know your trial will be there for awhile, but your eyes will return to normal when it is all over.