Friday, September 11, 2009


I broke a nail while I was quickly boxing up some notebooks to go to the Courthouse this afternoon. I was complaining about it while my secretary helped me put labels on the notebooks. Being a sympathetic woman, she said, "Oh no! That always hurts." I groaned, glad for someone commiserating with me. Then she piped up, "Oh, here's your nail . . . and it's long." I looked down and she was holding the torn nail bit in her hand and I grimaced. It is my own nail, but I just get the willies looking at left over nail clippings or anything like that. I said, "Oh, gross! I can't believe you picked that up!" She answered, "Eh. You have kids, I have kids . . . it's no big deal."

It really is amazing some of the things that no longer bother you once you become a parent. I can wipe up poop boogers, mushed food bits, cat throw up (having nothing to do with kids, but thought I'd mention it anyway), drippy lollipop leftovers, sour milk, etc. There are still somethings I don't do: vomit and eating or drinking after my kids. I'd rather throw the food or drink away and go without.

Anybody experience this?


lisawitt said...

I hate the SOUND of nail clippings, it absolutely is like nails on chalk boards to me. and i dont like to look at them either, gross is right! ;-)

Mary said...

I really have a problem with people clipping their nails at work.