Monday, September 14, 2009

First pic of the dress

This is the only picture Chuck sent me off his phone. I didn't bring my phone, so no good pictures, and it is like pulling teeth when I ask him to send the pictures to me - worse then the pestering I had to do to get him to take the pictures in the first place. This is my friend Rebeca. Her husband is in the same industry as Chuck and that is how we all got to be friends. They have a beautiful daughter whose name is Elizabeth. She is eight and enjoys cheerleading, horseback riding, and chess (she even competes). (sorry if that sounds like a personal ad). She's fascinating and well on her way to becoming a smart debutante -- I'm so jealous! Rebeca has an obsession with furs - as you can see. And, I won't mention how old she is (for obvious reasons), but I want you to know that Chuck and I found out her real age at the ball and both of us are still in shock and awe over it. She's freakin' gorgeous, which is why I cannot imagine what possessed me to to even consent to having a picture taken with her, but let's just assume it is a product of several drinks. So here is the only picture I have so far.

Wish I had more of the pictures we took, because I know there are a lot more out there since I demanded that Chuck take my picture over and over so that I could document my fabulous dress. I guess I'll have to have an entire post dedicated to the dress.

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lisawitt said...

did you bring a real camera or only your phone??? Dress looks fab from what i can tell though! :)