Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pangs of Envy: Follow Up

Follow up to yesterday's Pangs of Envy. Lindsey took the kids into school this morning and sent me the following text: "Just thought I would brighten your day a little ... I saw the yoga mum at school and she looked rough! You looked 100 times better than she did today! x"

Lindsey is the BEST! That girl is getting a hefty Christmas Bonus if she keeps this up.

On another note, I have to post this link that was posted on Ashley's Closet. So freakin' funny. I was laughing so hard that I'm surprised no one peeked their head in my office. Like Ashley, I must insist that you keep reading my blog instead of visiting the blog of this woman who is clearly funnier, wittier and more creative than me. Enjoy.

Letter to My Child's Teacher, Whom I Suspect is a Sadist


Mpm said...

I know how she feels. Why can't lists of school supplies be a little less specific. What's wrong with saying a box of colors, any number acceptable.

amym said...

LOL!!! That is hilarious! I think I shall have to add her to my list of favorite blogs...below yours of course!

Ginny said...

Theresa, thank you so much for the link!! I'm coming back to read you top to bottom!

(Wow, that sounded unintentionally obscene. My bad.)

Anonymous said...

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