Saturday, September 19, 2009

Luke and Emma sitting in a tree . . .

Yup, that's right my friends, Luke has a little girlfriend. Now, let me clarify that he and she are not boyfriend and girlfriend, but there is definitely a little romance going on even if it is one sided. So, I'll let you guess who is in love with whom. Got an idea in your head? Okay, Luke is not in love, but Emma is. Cute, cute, cute, and as misplaced as this may be, it also makes me proud and relieved that my son isn't viewed as the smelly kid in class (even though he probably is the smelly kid in class).

Daily, Lindsey and I are desperate to hear more about Luke's life as a Kindergartener. He's just like a teenager sometimes and doesn't want to talk about himself or his social life. I ask all the time (at least the entire 15 minutes a day when I'm home) what he is learning and who his friends are. He is evasive and sometimes just says, "I don't know." I don't think he's already fallen in with the druggies, but I guess you never can tell. Anyhow, he recently allayed our curiosity by revealing some of his daily activities.

Me, "Luke do you play on the playground?"

Luke, "Yes."

Me, "Who do you play with?"

Luke, "My friend Dane." I lift my eyebrows. I've never met Dane, never heard of him, know nothing about him except that he would make a great character in a soap opera or a romance novel strictly because he has a cool name.

Me, "That's great! Is Dane in your class?"

Luke, "Yes."

Me, "What do you two play while you're at recess?"

Luke, "We play 'Secret Agent'!"

Me, in an attempt to fawn over his creativity and reflect his excitement, "That's sounds so fun! What do you do when you play Secret Agent?"

Luke, "We run around the playground."

Me, "Oh, yeah?"

Luke, "Well, we have to run away from Emma."

Me, "Why are you running away from Emma?" You notice, that it is very much a strained effort of pulling teeth to fully understand what is happening in his life. Just give me some freakin' details, kid!

Luke, "She chases us."

Me, [sigh] "Why does she chase you?"

Luke responded, as nonchalant as Brad Pitt greeting a bunch of adoring fans, "Oh, she loves me."

Me, with wide eyes, "What?!"

Luke, "She loves me. She always chases me and tells me she loves me. Even when I'm far away she does this." [He held up his right hand and made the hand sign for "I love you."] "She does it in class too."

I looked at him with wonder in my eyes, "Oh my! I guess she really likes you."

Luke, "Yeah. She loves me."

Me, "Is she pretty?"

Luke, "Sometimes."

Me, "Sometimes?! How can she just be pretty sometimes?"

Luke shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know." Then he changed the subject, "Can we go play cars?"

Then last night, we were talking about it again and we asked if she is pretty. He responded, "No, she has a red eye."

I crinkled my nose, "A red eye? What? I'm not sure I believe you. Where is it red?"

Luke made a circle his thumb and forefinger and put it up to his right eye. "It's red all around like this."

I groaned and laughed at the same time, "She has a black eye? Oh good heavens!"

Luke, "No mom, it's red."

Me, "Fine, it's red. Well, is she your girlfriend?"

Luke looked at me very seriously and emphatically stated, "No. She is not my girlfriend."

Me, "Ohhh kay hay, then . . ."

Apparently, I should be pleased by this reaction, because Lindsey said he actually burst into tears when she asked him the same thing on the way home from school. Then she had to spend five minutes apologizing for upsetting him with the question. (she's such a sucker for their tears).

And that is all I know about Ms. Emma B, the young lady who is not my son's girlfriend. But seriously, who can blame the girl for falling in love with this:


Amy said...

I don't know if this quote will mean anything, because I don't know what cartoons you watch. "I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIENNNNDDAAH!!!"
Love my Chowder!

Amber said...

I loved playing Secret Agent it was so much fun!! Although I never used to run away from anyone though...