Friday, September 18, 2009

Lindsey's life with us

People ask us about Lindsey ALL - THE - TIME. And I don't mind in the least, because I love to talk about how great she is and how much we all love her. She really is fabulous despite the fact that she doesn't like cheese. (We really are holding that against her.) So, I got to take a look at all the pictures she has taken in the two months that she has been here as she documents her "Life with the Crazies." (just kidding she says our last name). Heaven help me if she decides to write a book akin to "The Nanny Diaries" - which she bought last week to read. I told her that book would make us look like the most sane, down-to-earth people and make her appreciate that she came to live with us instead of someone else. We'll see if she thinks the same thing. Anyhoo, Lindsey is fabulous and we're still so excited that she's here, even though I'm at work most of the time these days while she's raising my precious children. I've promised her that it isn't really like this (with me working 15 hours a day), but I'm not sure she believes me.

Back to the reason for this post, she has taken a ton of pictures (mostly of George because he's so freakin' cute) and I wanted to post some on the blog. There are so many, that I'll just have to post a few every now and then, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I just adore my little ragamuffins!

They look a little intense in this picture, except for Evie and her outrageously long tongue.

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