Thursday, October 22, 2009

Middle of the Night Emergency

It rained all night last night, but we slept through all the noise until we started hearing a disturbing rattling noise coming from our bathroom around 3 a.m. Chuck and I quickly jumped out of bed to find out what was going on, but we weren't sure where the noise was coming from. We didn't know what it was but it sounded bad. Had the air conditioner on the side of our house gone out? Was the toilet acting up? Was there a leak in the shower? Was something wrong with the electricity? The noise was coming from somewhere around the sink in our bathroom - a rattle, clink, clink, rattle, clink, rattle, rattle - no consistent rhythm. Chuck turned the water on and off, listened closely, examined the pipes under the sink and still couldn't determine the problem. The rattling and clinking continued, but did not get any louder. I began to worry that something in the wall was going to explode or had exploded. George's bed shares a wall with the sink and so I really started to worry about him. Chuck was puzzled and concerned. When he couldn't identify the problem he said, "I have no idea what could be causing this unless the water heater exploded. . . I better get down there fast!" He jumped into a pair of shorts and headed down to examine our water heater.

I sat upstairs and continued to listen to the noise while I imagined the water heater exploding and injuring Chuck. Should I get the phone so that I am prepared to dial 911? Should I move the kids to the other side of the house and alert Lindsey? Should I just start by moving George?

I heard Chuck start coming back up the stairs even though the noise was still going. My heart was racing and my adrenaline started to kick in. Chuck rushed past me, walked into the bathroom and reached up behind the sink where he turned off the electric toothbrush that was rattling in the toothbrush holder. No shit. We were in a tizzy over a toothbrush. Apparently the batteries had died and then somehow revived in the middle of the night. I've since thrown the toothbrush away.


Jess said...


Susan said...

HA! now that is hilarious! :-)

lisawitt said...

ha! too funny!!

amym said...

LOL!!! How did he figure out that's what it was??

Jenn W. said...

So luaghed out loud! Remind me tell you of the "knocking" noise that woke us up one time...pretty funny story

Emily said...

1. You're not allowed to title your toothbrush follies "middle of the night emergencies." You're scaring your friends for fun.

2. You both jump out of bed so fast because you subconsciously think your house is out to get you. And you might be right, just not this time.

3. I'm still laughing. You're freakin' hilarious.