Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tornado Panties

I just had to educate Lindsey regarding tornado procedures today. Apparently they don't have them in England, or they are very rare, or something like that. We're expecting rough storms this afternoon and through the evening so I wanted to prepare her for the tornado sirens. What an odd experience for her! She's only a little nervous about the prospect of a tornado. I told her it was very unlikely that anything would happen, but I wanted her to be prepared for the worst.

I did not mention the theory of tornado panties, although I am thinking about adopting it. The theory is that you should keep a cute pair of panties handy for when the tornado sirens start going off. Then you change into your cute panties so that if the tornado kills you at least they will find you in cute panties. I think I'll pack up a tornado kit and put the cute panties right alongside the candles, matches, radio, and flashlight.

Seriously, would you rather be caught dead in these?

Or these?

Thanks to Crystal's mother-in-law for the idea of Tornado Panties
She has changed my life -- or, I guess, my death.


Amy said...

tornado panties????? how much more of a girly-girl can u be? sorry. maybe it's just me.

Mary said...

Ok - I wouldn't wear the granny panties anyway. I hope that my everyday panties are cute enough - I mean you never know what can happen any day.

Theresa said...

Amy - Don't forget that I don't castigate you for enjoying black and emo stuff even though it isn't my cup of tea.

Mary - I wouldn't wear the granny panties either, but the idea of tornado panties just cracks me up!

Joan said...

Sounds like something Colleen would come up with!! Does Crystal have her Tornado Panties?
Truthfully, I don't think that is even one thing the rescuers would check for.
"Hey, Bubba, did you check to see if she had her torndo panties on?...No? Well, that says it then, don't it, tornado panties coulda' saved that gals' life."