Friday, October 30, 2009

We moms are all the same.

It amazes me that I can become so consumed with a child that I don't know, I've never met, and will likely never meet, but I am . . . completely. If you've been following my blog, you'll notice two recent posts about a boy named Stellan, whose mother is an avid blogger. To learn more about him, click the button to the right that says "Praying for Stellan." I've thought about him almost constantly for twenty-four hours, wondering, How is he? Is he comfortable? Have they gotten any new blood tests? How tired are his parents? How scared are his siblings? The questions mount and circle round and round in my head. I even find myself tempted to subscribe to Twitter (a form of communication that I've resisted) just so I can get the most up to date information from his mother.

We moms are all the same - living with our hearts outside our bodies. Watching our children grow and learn. Sharing their joy and their pain. Our hearts fill with happiness when they laugh with pure joy, and our hearts wrench with pain when we know they are hurting. We are all the same. And the thing is, that we moms feel each other's pain -- literally, my heart aches for MckMama and her family. I don't know what she is experiencing, but I know how much I love my children and how devastating it is just to consider one of my children being that sick and not being able to help him/her except through prayer. So, for all of you moms out there - working moms, stay-at-home moms, or any other kind of mom - my thoughts and prayers will be with you all - praying that you and your children are strong, healthy, happy and loving one another. Bless you all.

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Susan said...

I found her blog a while ago too and read it every now and then...cannot even imagine. I THANK GOD for my healthy baby and family.