Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Happy Siblings!

Fun trip to Houston this weekend. I was able to meet the KO crew at the pumpkin patch and take pics of all the little kiddos. It was so fun to see everyone, but we were all spread out so I missed actually getting to talk to people. We had to leave abruptly because Luke had an unfortunate incident in the porta-potty that I'm not allowed to show you (yes, I took pictures because I'm that kind of mom) or tell you about. Nonetheless, here is a cropped picture showing Luke with the most pissed off look I've ever seen. It cracks me up every time I look at it. I really wish I could post the whole thing because the picture as a whole is freakin' priceless.


Evie and Frank

Lots o' Pumpkins!

Anyway, I'm back in town now and enjoying the fall weather except for the fact that it is COLD in my house since the heater is broken and we didn't know it was broken until the heat just wouldn't turn on last night. It is all patched up now, but looks like we'll have to replace the heater for a big wad of cash. I hate those unexpected home repairs. Damn. My favorite part of the whole thing is when I was talking to Lindsey this morning about how cold it was in the house and she said, "Ugh! It's Baltic in here!" I agreed, but thought it was funny how she said it was "Baltic" and not "Arctic". That girl is priceless!


lisawitt said...

I still have the mental pic of poor luke but you do need to share HOW it happened! Jenny and I were discussing at lunch today and trying to figure it all out! ;-) It was good to see you, even if VERY briefly and get a peek at the kids. They are all adorable. And I love George's red hair! You cannot tell that from pics, too cute!

The Potters said...

Love Evie's super cute boots! And the pictures of George in the pumpkin patch just crack me up!