Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can we get a puppy?

Luke asked Chuck if we could get a puppy this weekend. Chuck tried to break it to him that we could only have two pets at a time and right now we already have a dog and a cat. (Chuck has set a limit on the number of dependents we will have in the house at one time.) Luke asked, "When will Abby die?" (Abby is our cat).

Chuck eased into this gently, "When Abby gets really old, she will pass away."

Luke, "Then we can get a puppy?" (Apparently he's more concerned about when we can get a puppy as opposed to the loss of a somewhat loved pet.)

Chuck, "Yes, then we might consider getting a puppy."

A brief silence followed while Luke's mind began to work on a new thought.

Luke, "Dad, can I tell you something?"

Chuck, "Yes, of course."

Luke, "When Abby dies, you and me and mommy and Evie and George will all be widows."

Chuck cocked his head to one side, took a breath and said, "Hmm."

Luke jumped to another topic.

"Hmm" seems like an inadequate response, but I don't know that I would have had anything better to say.

In an unrelated topic, here are some Halloween pics of my sweet babies, and some other pics just for fun. Enjoy!

You might notice that it is difficult to get THREE children to look the same direction at the same time and smile too, so there are multiple pictures here.

Sitting in front of the house

Trick or Treating

Just my little cutie pie looking out the window.

He giggles whenever Fergi joins him.
He thinks the dog is hilarious.


Mom said...

Love the pictures.

lisawitt said...

adorable as always! :)

Emily said...

That last pic of George and Fergie reminds me of the one you have of Luke and Fergie around the same age. Precious (and wow, does that send home how time flies?)!