Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stellan Update & Movie Quote 45

Quick update on Stellan: He received a successful surgery yesterday that so far has cured his heart ailment. You can read more by clicking on the Praying for Stellan button to the right. I've been an absolute wreck over the little boy that I don't know except over the internet. God truly works on our hearts in mysterious ways.

I went home and cried when I read the update announcing the successful surgery and Lindsey and Chuck looked at me like I had lost my mind. Yeah, I have to agree that it is weird how I've become so invested in the health of this little boy and the well-being of his family, but I would hope that others would reach out to my child if he/she was ill. Enough about that.

Here's a movie quote for your Tuesday reading pleasure: Miss Scarlet, in the closet, with a radio.

I know you'll all get it right away!