Monday, November 16, 2009

Turn up the Christmas Music!

The family is getting better. I took George to the doctor yesterday morning after his temperature read 103. Yikes. Poor baby. They swabbed his throat for strep, but the test came back negative. He's on some antibiotics and it seems like his fever spiked around 3 a.m. This morning he was fever free. Hopefully that is the end of that.

Thanks for all the concern. It was actually quite nice to just stay home with the kids for most of the weekend since they were contagious. Still, we had a pretty busy weekend and had to miss several things, including two birthday parties, two sporting events, a TCU tailgate, getting together with the Chesapeake family, and church (just George and I missed church since we spent the morning at the dr's office).

Life is great. There is a nip in the air and a radio station started playing Christmas music this morning. I LOVE the holidays.

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lisawitt said...

yay for christmas music!!!!!