Monday, November 16, 2009


**Update: You can see more pics of George by clicking HERE to get to the Cowtown Camera Girl Blog.

Eight days ago, we had a photo shoot with Cowtown Camera Girl (aka Nell). She was fantastic as usual, but as soon as we arrived at the photo shoot location, Luke fell off of a step and crashed most of the right side of his face and chin into a hard rock step. Of course, we hadn't taken a single shot yet. Lord knows we've come to expect the unexpected, and this is just one more example of the chaos known as children. You just never know what is going to happen. Bless their little souls.

Nell got a great shot of George.

But most of the pictures look like this.

In addition to Luke crying, George was hungry, and Evie could NOT keep her knees together and there are tons of shots where she's pulling a Lindsey Lohan peep show (except my daughter wears panties). In spite of all that, and thanks to Nell's patience, we may be able to salvage a few shots. Until then, I'm cherishing this photo as an accurate portrayal of a typical day with my children.


Jess said...

Evie looks so maternal in this picture. She is taking care of George. Sweet.

The Potters said...

Cute!!! And even though Luke is crying in the second one, I still really love candid shots!

lisawitt said...

ha! even though i am sure it was not funny for are so right, it is a good snapshot of life with the young kiddos! cherish it, scraped face and panty shots and all! :)

pic of george is perfect though! :)