Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sesame Street turns 40!

Did anyone out there know that Cookie Monster smoked on Sesame Street? No? Me either until I read an article about Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary. (Click here for the article). Interesting. I'm tempted to buy the DVD's that commemorate the event.

I happened to watch an episode of Sesame Street this weekend and it had me cracking up, while Lindsey looked at me like I was crazy. I insisted to her, "This is funny!" She raised her eyebrows at me. Oh well. I guess we don't all appreciate it. Nonetheless, I love Sesame Street. My favorite character is difficult to choose. I think Cookie Monster and Oscar make me laugh the hardest, but Kermit will always be my true love.

Do you have a favorite character?


Joan said...

It has to be Grover, he is who he his, never afraid to just be a furry blue monster.

ps i got his permission before i posted the pic. he loves his kilt. gotta' love a guy who is secure enough in himself to wear a skirt. we love you, fart and all <3

lisawitt said...

bert & ernie! and those little worms that live in the window box. they only come on every once in awhile and I always remember being excited when they were on!

Anonymous said...

Random tidbit: my husband can talk *exactly* like Kermit. I mean, if you closed your eyes and'd swear that little green frog was right next to you.

I can't believe they're 40! Wow. The cookie monster thing doesn't seem all that shocking, I mean, he never really was very "with it." :)

Mary said...

I love Sesame Street! I really like the musical spoofs they do and the humor is excellent. You have to check out the episode where Neil Patrick Harris is the Shoe Fairy! (It's on YouTube)