Monday, November 23, 2009

Hot Date

I had a hot date with three adorable creatures (and a nanny) Saturday night. We went to the movies, and per Luke, we all wore shoes that hurt our feet in the truest tradition of going on a date.

Luke and I walked the 30 feet to the movie theater complaining about our shoes the entire time. It was great and funny.

We saw A Christmas Carol in 3D. It was scary but good. Evie sat with a blanket over her head through the entire movie and shook like a little leaf. She asked to go home and I felt so bad that we couldn't leave. George sat on my lap and was pretty good - surprisingly. When the movie ended, I asked, "Did you guys like the movie?" Evie answered in a loud, sing-song voice, "I-hi di dint." Luke liked it, but the glasses were a pain in the ass for both the kids because they were adult sized.

We also purchased $10 worth of popcorn, so I insisted that we bring it home. The kids have been eating it all weekend. It makes me laugh that the bucket is almost as big as Evie.

I also wanted to include a picture of the kid's breakfast of champions Sunday morning. I'm seriously a genius.

Oh, and an obligatory picture of George holding the remote control. Too cute for words.


Joan said...

That picture of George reminds me of you at that same age with that same expression and joy on his face that you would have.

Theresa said...

Well, now, that's super sweet of you to say . . .

The Potters said...

I'm so surprised that George sat through the entire movie! Props to George!